Your Financial Projections

The Gadget Refuge Year 1 to 3 Projections

Your financial returns from a Gadget Refuge Franchise will begin month one. The growth of the business will then be dictated by your exceptional customer service and the high quality of the repairs that you give to each and every customer.

Your territory allows for a scalable business that can grow to be a significant profitable enterprise.

Whilst the figures below are for illustrative purposes and do not form any form of contract they have been put together from our own experience from a standing start in the northwest

Projected Earnings Year 1 - 3
Year 1 Turnover
Year 1 Net Profit
Year 2 Turnover
Year 2 Net Profit
Year 3 Turnover
Year 3 Net Profit

The figures above are for illustrative purposes and do not form any contract or guarantee whatsoever but are based on our existing pilot in the North West.*

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