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The great news here is that virtually every household is a potential customer! In the UK, it is estimated that the spend on repairing smartphones alone is around £2 billion per year and growing. Around 37% of British smartphone owners have damaged their smartphone in the last two years.

We reach your portion of that market based on population for a given area, and the demographic of that population who are likely to be actively using technology devices that will require repair.

The Phone Repair Industry

Constant and Consistent Referrals and Recommendations

The quality of workmanship and high levels of customer service result in many five star reviews. This is really important to your business as the very same people leaving these reviews are the people who will refer friends and family on a regular basis because quality repair service he’s always in demand not often found.

We will show you how you can constantly get a stream of referrals from existing customers which of course involves zero marketing cost and adds more customers who in turn will refer you to friends and family.

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