An Exceptional Opportunity

A Fantastic 2021 Opportunity

This is an exceptional franchise opportunity because It will give you everything you are looking for in a Start-up Business...

Just to clarify If you are looking for a high risk, octane fuelled get rich quick franchise this is definitely not for you.

However if you are looking to develop a long term sustainable career in one of the UK’s truly growing recession proof markets then this may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

We are looking for high quality and ambitious franchise partners who want to share our exciting journey. But for the right reasons.

We have stress tested every single facet of this business and can assure you nothing is conceptual or theoretical. We have proven that each of the prerequisites of a successful business are met 100% in full.

And we believe these are the prerequisites that you are not only looking for but that you should clearly demand from any new venture…


Earnings from Week 1

As Proven by our first Franchisee…

Having taken on our first franchisee in December 2020 Which is not an ideal time to launch a franchise we were exceptionally pleased that from week one and even through his training Dan started handling repairs and getting paid immediately.

Our professional In house Facebook Marketing team kick into action as soon as your training begins and you get high converting repair enquiries immediately.


Professional Facebook Marketing

For Every £10 Spend on Marketing we generate £440.00 of business for you

Our professional In house Facebook Marketing team kick into action as soon as your training begins and you get high converting repair enquiries immediately.

Our overall return on Facebook Ad’s and Organic Marketing campaigns yield fantastic results that we replicate in your area.

Professional Marketing is the key to your early and continued success and this one of the key differentiators that sets this opportunity apart. we will find customers for you on an ongoing basis and you will do the important repair work and liaise directly with your growing customer base.


Repeat & Referral Business

The Jewel In Your Crown

The great thing about this business is that every customer is likely to become a repeat customer. with the quality of service and high level of repairs your customers will be more than happy to refer your services to friends and family. And of course these new customers will then become a valuable source of new referral and repeat business.

Importantly we do not leave this to chance and have systems in place but I’m sure repeat and referral business is a major part of your sales.


High Quality Technical Training

Your Training is Our Key Priority

Your initial training is of an exceptionally high standard and the software we provide will allow you to diagnose the most difficult of issues.

We are very aware that our industry has many technological advances on a month by month basis and you can be assured that you will be updated on all technical advances that are relevant to your business.


Huge Growing Market

You Will Receive an Exceptionally High Level of Training

Recession proof is something you often hear of in franchising circles. however we can with absolute certainty say that this is a recession proof business.

And You can see why….


100% Funding Available

It Has Never Been Easier To Start Your Own Business

Funding your new business has never been easier and we will do all the work for you.

Our Consultants who work for you are extremely experienced and the process can take as little as seven days from start to finish.

This facility is  totally unsecured  and 100% guaranteed by the Government. You can borrow the full cost of the franchise fee and also any working capital requirements – There is absolutely no fee for this service.


Your Territory Is Fully Protected Territory

This is really important to your business. We totally understand the demographics of our customers and the types and numbers of properties you need to run a profitable and scalable business.

We work very closely with Lime Licensing the multi award winning Franchise Consultancy and they will scientifically map out your territory to absolutely maximise your profit potential. Please feel free to speak with Mike Smith, our very experienced Lime Director.


No Management Fees Year One

To Ensure Huge Profitability…

Your early success is really important to us and we totally understand that this partnership is a long term commitment from You and the team here at Gadget Refuge. Therefore Management Fees of 10% will not kick in until Month 13 of your journey.


Only High Quality Components Used In Repairs

4 Steps to Happy Customers

The success of this franchise is built around total customer satisfaction.

There are 4 steps to customer satisfaction…

The success of this franchise is built around total customer satisfaction.

We provide quality products at affordable prices and offer the highest possible service – as reflected in our 100% 5 star ratings across Facebook and Google.


100% 5 Star Reviews

It’s Why We Keep Our Customers

Customer care is the cornerstone of our success. The quality of our repairs and the systems we have in place are all geared towards total customer satisfaction. This is something that we will insist is maintained across our franchise partner network.

5 Star Reviews will be a significant diver of your business growth and the great thing is that with everything we have put in place this is something you will be able to achieve with ease.


Full Professional Accountancy & Business Support

Business Set-Up, Tax & VAT Done for You…

We do not expect you to do the books and compliance filing with Company’s House And we will provide you with a specialist accountant who will do this for you on an ongoing basis.

Download Our Prospectus for more on The Opportunity...

Turn to page 17 – 21 in your prospectus.

We believe our franchise opportunity is one of the most profitable, recession-proof and COVID-19 proof franchises on the market today. We’ve outlined exactly why this franchise is right for you by listing the top 10 reasons you should be investing in a The Gadget Refuge Franchise now…

Download our prospectus and head to page 17 to read our full 10 reasons to start a The Gadget Refuge Franchise