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Introducing Gadget Refuge

An Exceptional 2021 Franchise Opportunity...

The Gadget Refuge was launched in 2018 by Gavin & Tracie Garnett with the intention of creating a successful local business with a business model suitable for growth through franchising. Since launch we have successfully developed a very strong reputation within our local area and have now launched our franchise network.
Our goal was simple to provide high quality guaranteed repairs to the local community. Sourcing and using the best available components for all of our repairs and providing an exceptional service have seen the business grow year on year.

We have examined every aspect of the business and we are absolutely confident that the formula we have in place will work exceptionally well across the UK and we can continue to develop the brand nationally

This has been proven by Dan our First Franchisee who joined us Christmas 2020…

All figures are illustrative*

Gavin and Tracie Garnett. Co-owners of Gadget Refuge.

Introducing Our First Franchisee

The Gadget Refuge Chester – Case Study

Launching the Chester territory on 1st December 2020 Dan Woodbury has had a baptism by fire, gaining momentum week on week.


Dan chose The Gadget Refuge franchise after 25+ years in engineering roles, most recently for Tetra Pak. With a keen interest in technology Dan felt the franchise package offered by The Gadget Refuge was a perfect fit for his interests and future aspirations, and two months in he is delighted with the journey to date.

The Story So Far

December was in many ways a good month to launch the business, with the break for Christmas after a steady few weeks. The new year has brought plenty of business, and a new national lockdown has again seen a further spike in requirements with many parents struggling to get devices operational for home schooling requirements, along with our normal extremely high demand!

The Numbers

The total value of sales generated in December was 2k
Sales for January month to date are £2.5k and expected to reach 3k with some jobs in the pipeline to be billed before month end.

Gavin Teaching Dan Woodbury Chester Franchisee Phone Repair at Head Office.

Marketing Activity

To date all marketing activity has been focussed on organic and paid advertising through Facebook, with a total spend to date of £250 which was included within the launch budget provided as part of the franchise package.
Projected Earnings Year 1 - 3
Year 1 Turnover
Year 1 Net Profit
Year 2 Turnover
Year 2 Net Profit
Year 3 Turnover
Year 3 Net Profit

The Market

An Untapped Market

Phone Repair

The industry is worth over £1Bn in the UK, and continues to rise year on year. With 95% of people in the UK owning a mobile phone, tablet or laptop your expert services will always be in demand.

Refurbish and Resale

Another huge industry, this service accounts for less of the workload but earns more on average by a large margin.

As phone and tablet repair specialists with unrivalled experience in the industry we understand the industry completely and want to share this with you to ensure your initial and continued success.

Start Up Loans

100% Government Funding

We are very pleased that you can use the Government backed start-up Loan Scheme to purchase your franchise, and that this scheme can not only help fund the purchase of your franchise but also with initial working capital.

The loan is unsecured, so there’s no need to put forward any assets or guarantors to support the application and all owners or partners in your franchise can apply.

Our Testimonials Speak for Themselves

Thanks to Our Expert Training you will get Fantastic Testimonials like these...


Gadget Refuge Intensive Training

Initial training is carried out face to face from our head office in Chester, with further instructional videos available to be viewed via our Intranet after the initial training period.

Covers All Practical and Business Operations...

Year One £62,000 Projected Turnover, £41,000 Net Profit*

Your First Year with The Gadget Refuge will Look Like This…

1. Register your Interest and Secure Your Territory with 100% Government Funding…

This Government Loan scheme does not require your personal guarantees nor security and you can borrow up to £25,000 and pay it back over 5 years at 6% per annum. Importantly we guide you every step of the way.

Patrick Burge, Smorgasbord Co-Founder.

Learn About Funding Step 1 - 100% Funding
Day 1

2. We will set up and Register your Business for you as part of your Franchise Package…

From setting up your company to delivering real-time financial information to measure and monitor your progress – it’s all taken care of!

Gordie Smyth, Flower Accounting Founder.

As part of your Franchise Package Flower Accounting will set up your business, give business and tax advice, ensure you are legally compliant and receive real-time financial reporting!

Learn about Accountancy & Business Support Step 1 - Business Set-up
Day 2

3. Your Ticket to Success - The Gadget Refuge's Exceptional UK Certification and Training…

This is the key to your success - The Gadget Refuge’s training is the most comprehensive in the UK without exception.

This is thanks to their Intensive 4 Week Training Course, for which you'll become a certified and very competent The Gadget Refuge. This certification is the key to your success in this growing industry.

We will not put you into the field until you are totally confident in your abilities and we will if needed continue to give further training at our cost until you are certified.

Learn About Certification Step 3 - The Gadget Refuge Certification
Week 1-2

4 Sales and Marketing is turned on in your Area

During your training our Sales and Marketing team will be working in the background as part of your Franchise Package to begin marketing to our national customers in your area.

Your first client is your gateway to quickly building your presence in your territory as we know this is the best and most comprehensive service available to them.

Learn About Our Clients Step 4 - Your First Client
Week 3*

5. We will Provide Ongoing High Quality Support

You will never be without support. We have a very strong and able support team to assist in all aspects of your business. You will have regular contact with the team and we encourage all of our Franchise Partners to talk to us as and when needed.

See Your Year 1 Projected Earnings Step 5 - Assigned a The Gadget Refuge Consultant
Week 3 - 4

6. Scale Your Business with Expert Training and a Growing National Client Base…

The fantastic part of the offer is that your have a very clear and replicable timeline, based on the fantastic business Jon and Chris have built.

This truly fully tested watertight business model and franchise opportunity that will give you both financial security and the ability to build a substantial sustainable business.

See Your Year 1 Projected Earnings Step 6 - Scale Your Business
Month 1-12*

7. Introduce more Trained Operatives to Your Team and Grow Your Business

A key part of this business model is that demand from customers will drive you to employ more technicians to meet demand.

As your reach grows and you take on more clients and more sites we will help recruit, train and certify your personnel to the same exacting rigorous standards. By upholding our ethos of quality you will guarantee your future success and we will give you everything needed to achieve this.

Enquire about Hiring The Gadget Refuges Step 7 - Introduce more The Gadget Refuges
Year 1 -3

8. By Year Three your Business will a substantial Success...

If you are ambitious and prepared to follow our formula you will be successful.

We are looking for people who share our ambition and have the drive to provide the best possible levels of service and expertise consistently and effectively.

This is an exceptional opportunity and we would love you to join us on our journey.

Mike Smith, Lime Licencing Franchise Consultant

Schedule a Call with Mike Step 8 - Huge Business Evaluation
Year 3 and Beyond...*

The figures mentioned above are for illustrative purposes and do not form any contract or guarantee whatsoever but are based on our existing pilot in the North West.*

We cannot guarantee clients by week 3*

Your Extensive Franchise Package

We believe our franchise opportunity is one of the most profitable, recession-proof and COVID-19 proof franchises on the market today. This is thanks to our extensive and effective Franchise Package.

Our Franchise Package is very generous and has been devised for one main purpose and that is your early success in your Gadget Refuge Journey.

Your 2021 Gadget Refuge Franchise Package

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