Expert The Gadget Refuge Certification

Your Training is Our Key Priority

Your Initial training is carried out face to face from our head office in Chester, with further instructional videos available to be viewed via our Intranet after the initial training period.

Due to the nature of our business, new products and ever changing technology is something we have to be prepared for, as new products reach the marketplace we will ensure you are provided with updated training material to complement your existing skills and knowledge.

A typical example of this would be Apple releasing new iPhone models which typically happens in the second half of each year.

Business training is also provided from head office during your induction to provide insight into the common tasks we need to perform in day to day business operations such as…

Gadget Refuge Certification

Ongoing support is our absolute priority and you will always have expertise available as and when needed.

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Certification is a huge part to The Gadget Refuges success, to learn more on this go to page 25 of the prospectus.